@TheChise / @LloydBanks (LIVE) (Dir. by @BestKeptEnt) -2011-

@BestKeptEnt Photoshoot 2010

@Kaliber714 LIVE w/ Peter Brandon at OC Pavillion (2009)

@Tatt_D ft. @CSharp714 - Fuck Boi (LIVE) -2009-

2008 @Kaliber714 B-Day Bash

@Kaliber714 and @KEazzy LIVE from Brea Mall (2008)

@Kaliber714 @Drastik714 @KevinParx_GMB LIVE on Beat Lounge Radio (2008)

@Kaliber714 and @Drastik714 - All Star Show (2008)

2007 @Kaliber714 B-Day Bash

@Kaliber714 @Drastik714 @KevinParx_GMB - Rewind Show (2007)

2006 @Kaliber714 B-Day Bash

@Kaliber714 and @Drastik714 - Saddleback High Show (2006)

1st Show Ever - Club Splitz - 2004 (@BestKeptEnt)

C-Sharp ft. Kaliber - LOTTO

BKE - Walkin The Walk III

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